Want Beautiful Long Lashes Naturally

Women long to have beautiful Long, thicker lashes. Try our 100% natural organic eyelash serum and eyebrow growth serum. Made from natural organic ingredients: Organic Castor Oil, Pure Aloe Vera Gel, Sweet Almond Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Pure Vitamin E Oil.

Castor oil has been used over the world to help eyelashes and brows grow longer and thicker, as well as fight hair loss. Cold-pressed castor oil contains more omega-6 essential fatty acids, vitamin E, as well as many other vitamins and minerals which provide nutrition to hair follicles.

100% Pure Jojoba oil is bursting with beneficial ingredients, including Vitamin E, Vitamin B complex, silicon, chromium, copper and zinc. It also contains 82% iodine which helps it to heal damage. Along with this, it contains beneficial fatty acids that moisturize and keep hair and lashes soft and nourished.

100% Aloe vera gel has rich moisturizing properties as well as significant enzymes, which softens hair and encourages silkier hair growth. Both aloe vera gel and vitamin E accelerate their length.

Another important oil which is good for quick growth of your eyelashes is Almond Oil. It is definitely a good source of vitamins, calcium and magnesium which add the beauty to your skin and hair. Apart from helping the eyelashes to grow faster, almond oil helps in reduction of falling of eyelashes.
How to use

Recommend using the eyelash serum at bedtime.
Ensure any makeup or other cosmetic products have been completely removed prior to application. Remove excess serum from the brush before applying it onto your lash line. Reapplying small amounts of product instead of a fully loaded applicator should prevent seepage into eyes.
Starting from the inner corner of your lash line and working outward, draw the applicator tip carefully along the skin at the base of the upper eyelashes in one continuous stroke.


Organic Castor Oil
Pure Vitamin E Oil
100% Aloe Vera Gel
Sweet Almond Oil
100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Size: 10 ml.