Tips on How to Decorate a Modern Farmhouse

Tips on How to Decorate a Modern Farmhouse

A modern farmhouse decoration combines both the aesthetic, comfy feeling of a traditional farm, and the lovely modern interiors we all love.

Although some people wonder if farmhouse decor is still popular, let me tell you right away, it is indeed still popular and trendy.

We are going to discuss in this article how to achieve a modern farmhouse look, thanks to some great and easy-to-follow tips!


Why you should go with the Modern Farmhouse Design?

For starters, mixing up the modern classy look and the farm traditional feels makes the modern farmhouse design a trend we are falling in love with. Long are gone the days when you had to stick to one style, you can now combine two different looks and come up with something unique and exceptional!

Although it can be somehow hard to bring two totally different styles together, there are tips and rules you can follow to make your modern farmhouse the perfect stylish home.


How to Achieve a Modern Farmhouse Look?

There are great ways to decorate your farmhouse uniquely and creatively. We broke down some tips on how to achieve the modern farmhouse design that will 100% fit your style.


1-Start with a plan

I know that you are excited to straight up go and start designing your dream farmhouse, but slow down, you need to plan some things before.

Check out the rooms, what needs to be innovated? Note down everything that needs a change in your house, this way, designing will be easier and faster.

2-Modern farmhouse Furniture

First things first, you need to balance between natural materials and modern furniture.

For example, wooden material is essential in a farmhouse, it gives out a natural and comfy feeling, and it was used everywhere before modern design appeared. And of course, for the modern twist, you can find multiple interior furniture like oversize sofas and chairs or glass coffee tables.


3-Modern Farmhouse Colors

Colors are an important factor in a home design. Modern interiors often have neutral hues instead of bright and shiny ones.

Neutral hues give out an elegant and fresh look, which is exactly what we are looking for.

Remember to always stick to 3 main shades instead of using a whole color palette in your house. You can use white in the walls and some of the furniture, combine it with some fresh and earth tones hues such as beige or brown.

To add a classic touch, you can use one or two furniture with a bright color such as yellow or green, just don't over-use it in order to not ruin the modern look.

4-Don't Over Decorate

Over decoration leaves your house with no style at all, it's way better to keep it simple and beautiful.

As we all know, modern design refuses the idea of putting too much effort in decoration, it's all about simplicity and elegance.

Just like I said earlier with the colors, about how you should use 3 colors maximum in a room. The same goes for the furniture, don't put too much furniture in one room, especially if it is not needed.

5-Get in Tune with Nature

Don't forget to have flowers, gardens or plants in your home. A farmhouse modern design is also about bringing the outdoors inside.

If you have a garden, it's even better, you can have multiples types of flowers and trees all around the house. And if you don't own a garden, you can always buy a vase and place some flowers in it. Plants are also a good way to bring Mother Nature inside your house, and it is used widely in modern interiors.

6-Fireplaces in a Modern Farmhouse

There's no denying that fireplaces are essential in a modern farmhouse look. Often, it is placed in the living room, where the family can gather together for a cup of tea in a warm and comfy atmosphere.

You can use a real fireplace, or a gas fireplace, both are efficient. Gas fireplaces are more modern, with nothing but a switch to light up the fire and warm up the room. If you want to go with a modern and easy to use fireplace, then go with this one.

Otherwise, consider an original fireplace, it is traditional and brings out the common traits of a farmhouse, especially with the sounds of the wood cracking and fueling, it's kind of wonderful. Although a real fireplace is harder to clean, and needs a lot of firewood, nothing can replace it.

7-Stone and Natural or Barn Wood

Stone and wood are used in both traditional and modern interior design. Hardwood is an example of the usage of wood in farmhouses, it sticks to the modern style, without leaving out the rustic touch.

Stone can be used the same way as wood, in the walls, the ceiling, you can use it in gardens too.

8-Don't Forget the Exterior

A modern farmhouse look should be achieved in both the interior as well as the exterior. 

For example, light earth tone stone colors and a complementing hardwood roof are a way of saying "my farmhouse is so modern, and you can't say otherwise"! White column beams and brick walls near the entry are another example of a beautiful and modern farmhouse exterior.


Modern Farmhouse Decor you can Buy


1-This is Us Farmhouse Pillow

As I mentioned before, the neutral colors are a perfect way to bring out the modernity in your farmhouse, and the "This is Us" pillow can be all you need for a cozy and charming look in your home!

It gets even better, the pillow is available in three different sizes, and its cover is removable.



2-Vase of Sunflowers Pillow

This pillow is the definition of shiny and beautiful and brings out the joy and the brightness in your farmhouse. The pillow is something between cozy and modern, with the neutral white color and the yellow, a great way to personalize your room

Available in 4 different sizes, you can put this pillow on your sofa, or in your bedroom, or anywhere you want! The cover is also removable.



3-Be-YOU-tiful Shower Curtain

We all agree that a bathroom decor should never be neglected, and the Be-YOU-tiful shower curtain is a must-have in your bathroom. Who doesn't want to start their day with such positive words in their shower curtain? That's right, nobody!

The neutral hues in this shower curtain compliments the modernity in your farmhouse, making your bathroom look unique and chic.

The be-YOU-tiful shower curtain is available in one size, and is 100% polyester, don't miss it!


4-North Pole Candy Cane Christmas Pillow

Christmas is just a few months away, and you know the thrill, it's all about decorations and gifts!

This pillow is a great way to bring the Christmas happy feelings and vibes into your farmhouse. The white and ruby red colors compliment both the Christmas day theme and the modern farmhouse look.

The pillow is available in 4 sizes, the cover is removable, and it is a wonderful and unique Christmas gift.


5-And the Two Shall Become One Canvas Print

Seriously, who doesn't adore wall art? Wall art plays a huge role in your home's decoration, it's not only a way to express your thoughts and love for art, it is also an essential and welcoming decor in your house.

"And the Two Shall Become One" art wall is an inspiring and unique print to put in any room in your farmhouse. It is made of high-quality fabric and the image is very detailed and vivid.

With a variety of sizes (11 sizes), this canvas print is definitely worth your money.



Bottom Line

A modern farmhouse has and will always have a unique charm we fall head over heels for. Designing and decorating yours is now easier with the tips we talked about earlier, just get your creative side to work and you'll be surprised with the results!