Pets With Style…

I love this shop!  If you are a dog lover and have fun styling your pet for the perfect occasion, you need to check out PolkaDog Designs.  They have fun, adorable, custom, handcrafted dog clothing and accessories for dogs of all sizes and shapes.

Meet Stephanie and her mother Nancy, they Co-own PolkaDog Designs, a cute boutique for dogs.  They feature holiday outfits, hoodies, everyday wear for your beloved pet.  If you’re looking for that special outfit you would like made, they take custom orders.

Nancy has always loved to sew.  Nancy would sew clothes for herself and Stephanie.  When Stephanie was a little girl and started playing with dolls, Nancy would make handmade clothes for Stephanie’s dolls. Eventually, Stephanie grew up and life took over and sewing disappeared from Nancy’s life.

Fast forward 40 years and along came Lola…a 4 pound Yorkie with the sass of a teenage drama queen. She is all girl and loves to wear pretty things. Unfortunately, pretty things that held up to her tearing around the yard chasing her 3 siblings were hard to come by. So Nancy thought to herself, “I can make pretty things on my own!” And the idea of PolkaDog Designs was born.

PolkaDog Designs

Nancy and Stephanie are having an absolute blast!  They attend several events through out the year selling their handmade pet clothing.

PolkaDog Designs has grown into a business with a with a love of dogs and sewing.  Their goal is creating custom handmade clothing and accessories for your very own fur babies.

If you are looking for that special outfit for your fur baby,  stop by and check out their pet boutique

Follow them on Facebook to check out the events they will be set up at or to see their latest designs.

Check out their Instagram page



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