Creating Beautiful Wood Designs with a Purpose.


Meet Amy, the owner and Designer of Love to Redo.  Love to Redo started as a passion to paint and repurpose all the wood fence panels Amy saw being thrown in the trash. She hated to see all that usable wood being dumped in the landfills, and just knew she could come up with something that could keep that from happening and make something of beauty.


Shortly before the holiday season in 2016, Amy began experimenting with designs and posted them locally for sale.  Overwhelmed by the response, she knew she was onto something good. Amy loves creating beautiful signs and helping to save the environment at the same time. She chooses non-toxic paint, and creates each and every design herself. These signs are truly handmade with love.

Amy is always coming up with new designs and loves custom orders. If you have something in mind, please reach out to her.  Amy is a graphic designer by trade, so she has  plenty of training and experience to make something with a beautiful design aesthetic.

You can find Love to Redo at:                 Follow Love to Redo Facebook page at:



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