Family Values and Nothing Wasted

Hi there! First off, if you’ve come looking for chocolate covered chicken nuggets, I’m afraid you’re gonna be a little disappointed. We’ve named our shop after one of our beloved Buff Orpington chickens. That’s right! She’s the prettiest little brown chicken, sweet as pie, and a fine egg layer. Don’t you worry, though, you’re still… Continue reading Family Values and Nothing Wasted

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Your Handmade Home a New Digital Magazine

I am very excited for a new magazine that is coming out October 1, 2017 Your Handmade Home. Thinking about ideas like At Home with Janna Allbritton? or Joanna Gains? Color trends? Trending holiday decor? DIY projects? What's not to love about a new digital magazine that will inspire your sense of style? Check out https://www.facebook.com/YourHandmadeHomeMag… Continue reading Your Handmade Home a New Digital Magazine


Hemp (Cannabis Sativa) Salve

Our Hemp Cannabidiol Salve has ingredients that are well known for their natural pain relieving properties. In addition, they are packed with natural healthy fatty acid and rich in mineral and vitamins E, D, and A which are very nourishing for the skin.